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Three Easy Steps to Create a Happier, Healthier Relationship With Money

By Demietra Williams At some point in your journey, you’ve probably thought about the significant relationships that you have with other people. These connections might include those with friends, family, colleagues, clients, teachers or neighbors. Some of these relationships may add joy to your life, while others may be more tense.  Have you considered your […]

Opinion: Iyanla Can’t Fix our Country

Why Hollywood Needs to Revisit its Strategy to Encourage Voting By Jasmine Kent, Brand Communications and Media Strategist and Founder of LoveJas Media America is in complete chaos and entertainers are picking up where government officials should be taking the lead. Day by day, as we get closer to the election, I’m asking myself where […]

First-Time Investors: Discover a Simple, Powerful Way to Buy Stocks Online

By Demietra Williams Invest in Your Future Have you considered buying stocks online but didn’t know where to begin? I’ve been there. Twelve years ago, I thought about purchasing stocks, but found the whole process to be intimidating. The terminology was unfamiliar. I didn’t know how to open an online brokerage account or how to […]


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